2013-2014 Citizenship & Sustainability Report

Service Reliability

Service Reliability

The reliability of our energy networks is vital to our customers’ well-being and to the functioning of our economy. Our goal is to meet those expectations and deliver outstanding and affordable service on a consistent basis. Quantitative metrics provide us with an objective basis for evaluating our service delivery over time.

2013 Highlights

  • Connected more than 38,000 new electric and natural gas customer accounts
  • Electric Service

  • Transitioned to IEEE standard 1366 for reporting System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) to be consistent with peer companies. This index represents the average number of non-major storm outage minutes our customers experience each year.
  • Achieved best service reliability in more than a decade: 106 average customer minutes out, excluding major storms
  • Reduced average minutes out per customer by 8% on a 3-year rolling average basis
  • Completed 3-year Neighborhood Transformer Program and reduced transformer failures by 200
  • Natural Gas Service

  • Spent $170 million to replace about 200 miles of aging, bare steel gas pipelines
  • Responded to 97.8% of all emergency calls within 60 minutes, virtually unchanged from our response rate the previous two years

    Our focus:

  • Minimize service interruptions and inconvenience to customers
  • Restore service as safely and quickly as possible
  • Provide customers with timely and accurate information about their service status
  • Support our field crews with electronic outage management systems


Electric Service Reliability, 2008-2013 Natural Gas Delivery, 2011-2013 Emergency Response Rate